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Designer Diary IV - Perfecting the Process


As we continue to zoom through 2022, I wanted to give a small insight to the Harriet Sale studio design process.

Everyone has heard, if not experienced, that projects from redecoration to full refurbishments can be a roller coaster ride. People hire contractors, architects, project managers and interior designers so that it is NOT a roller coaster experience. But as much as divine aesthetic direction, this is where there is huge value in hiring a professional. It's not always straight forward but in my own employment (with some exceptional designers) there were some really chaotic, mismanaged moments and absolutely no one felt worse in those situations than me.

Therefore when I decided to set up Harriet Sale Ltd, it was my greatest intention that this feeling would NOT be the case for any one of my team or clients.

For myself and the experience that my studio offers now, I have honed a very structured process. It is not the quickest process, I really value time spent thinking, challenging ideas and designing bespoke items that are going to last, but it is effective and efficient. The methodical steps eliminate the room for errors, set clear expectations for the client and my team and the result has already proven that the end execution is 10 times better.

  1. CONCEPT PHASE - This phase is important for documenting the space, understanding the requirements, getting to know my clients, how they are going to use the space, how they want to feel in the space. Then putting together inspirational images, layouts and initial schemes, alongside an estimate for the works.

  2. DETAILED DESIGN PHASE - Once the aesthetic direction and estimate are agreed, we then source all the materials and furnishings, do detailed drawings and specifications updating the estimate to become a full quote and itemised proposal.

  3. PURCHASING & PROJECT MANAGEMENT - We communicate all the details to the contractors and suppliers, placing orders, tracking deliveries, managing, overseeing and co-ordinating the project. (In most cases this is where the project gets worse before it gets better... it's the stripping back, tearing down and ripping up to create the foundations to build it back together. Beautifully.)

  4. INSTALLATION - Bringing the project together with the soft furnishings and dressing the rooms ready to be used, loved and lived in. We carry out snagging where necessary and provide care guide for new furnishings and finishes.

I hope this illustrates the value in using an interior designer and the process my studio takes to deliver the highest quality, most comfortable and personalised designs.

Please leave comments, share and make sure you're following, just keep doing lovely things.

HS x

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