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Our aim is to seamlessly transform spaces to suit each client's individual needs. 

A very small insight to some of the curated projects that we have worked on. 

Green Bedroom Scheme, Penny Morrison Killi Green Fabric Headboard, Penny Morrison Bone Inlay Lamp and Silk Sari Lampshade, Bud Vase on OKA Bedside Table Off White, Green Block Print Floral Cushionso Birdie Fortescue, Wool Herringbone Blanket Green
Fabric Scheme, Interior Designer Moodboard, Schumacher Persephone Peacock, Farrow and Ball Paint Chart, Red fabrics, Namay Samay Liero Raspberry, Guy Goodfellow Olive Sacking, Pinboard, Teal and Red scheme, Fermoie fabrics

Our experience with Harriet has been outstanding. We are delighted with what she has accomplished. Her sense of style, eye for value and instinct for integrity make her a wonderful designer to work with.

We were looking for someone who could become a trusted partner, who really understood who we were and how we lived our lives, in whom we could entrust every aspect of furnishing our home, from design through to finish.
That’s why we chose Harriet.

Harriet’s clear and honest approach meant that we always knew we were getting advice and recommendations that were in our best interests and indeed helped make our budget go further.


Our experience was brilliant from the start: from coming over to look and draw up some design ideas, right to the final installation.

She handles everything!

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