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Desperate for vitamin D!

February, it's the time of year that most people are in pursuit of a plan, something on the horizon to help them through the last few frosty months when Vitamin D supplements just aren't quite enough.

Here's my design led wish list of places to visit this summer:

This magical Tuscan hideaway has serious views. It's characterful with rustic heritage but with masterful contemporary charm.

Plus the kitchen garden looks to provide a real gastronomic affair too.

Think figs, pomegranates and quince from the trees, bushels of basil, and their own organic olive oil from the surrounding groves. And for what's not homegrown, the neighbours drop off their fodder of forest game, porcini and precious truffles.

Earthy terracottas, crisp linens, hand painted tiles, green ivy and golden stone walls that spark spirit lifting colours across the estate.

A highly anticipated new opening by Jasper Conran in a historic location that was once home to Yves Saint Laurent and Piere Bergé.

Close enough to the authentic Kasbah hustle yet secluded in it's own peaceful hilltop location.

Built in the 1940's incorporating both modernist and traditional Moroccan architecture and the restored hotel will certainly reflect the cultural fusion of L'Hotel Marrakech (also by Conran.)

Early press images show Mabrouka looking exceptionally chic, indoors and out. The blanket of hydrangeas and bougainvillea illustrative of the masterclass landscaping done by the Madison Cox.

A hidden gem on a tiny Greek island where 16 private houses are superbly camouflaged to blend and not to interrupt the aesthetic or heritage.

This private oasis of wellness and natural beauty, looks peaceful and unpretentious, and promises 'an unforgettable experience' ... 'A safe haven for those who aspire to personal growth through travel, art and culture, where happiness can be appreciated in small details and simple pleasures.'


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