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Designer Diary III - Inspiring Interiors


I'm writing this with the sun on my face and a bright blue sky outside, it may only be February but people are smiling, energised by this spring-like weather. I promised beautiful articles and I hope this diary entry will energise and inspire you through the stories of two philanthropic organisations.

As an Industry, Interior Design has a long way to go in terms of ethical and sustainable practises. However as we enter a more environmentally and socially conscious era there has been huge progress, particularly in awareness and in the value of reusing and recycling materials, but there is still room for improvement.

There are very few Interior Design Studios that have the prestigious B Corporation Status, meeting their high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability is tough. However I'm directing my studio to incorporate some of their values as best I can now and as we grow, and not at the compromise of any design.

There are two pioneering charitable organisations that I have been incredibly inspired by recently.

The first is San Patrignano in Italy, which is a community that supports those suffering from drug addiction and marginalisation and helps them through extensive therapeutic rehabilitation programmes to learn skills, gain confidence and ultimately reintegrate into society. Their values are based on love and commitment - it's a community and commitment for life with a zero tolerance policy - but they turn adversity and misfortune into something truly beautiful and constructive.

One of their several artisan craft programs is hand painted and printed wallpaper.

Their designs are as eclectic as they are sophisticated, rich in design and texture not to mention the layers of hand detail and provenance. 'The Boiserie Collection' can stand alone or work together in co-ordinated panels. The wallpapers are stocked exclusively by the discerning Paolo Moschino who has been a loyal supporter of San Patrignano.

'A Fine Cell Work' is a UK based charity and social enterprise that enable prisoners to learn the skill of high quality embroidery to create unique homewares to build competencies and confidence to live crime free futures. Several of my favourite fabric designers such as Kit Kemp, Melissa White and Blithfield donate fabrics and support this incredibly worthy charity and the results are quite stunning, with a unique additional dimension to their standard print collections.

It really motivates me learning about these small but mighty industry enterprises that benefit people, communities and the planet. And nothing has to come at the cost of the aesthetic.

Thank you for following me, your support means so much! Please leave thoughts and comments, it's great to hear from you all too! Have a very happy February!

HS x

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