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Google - what colour should I paint my kitchen?

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Google often has the answers to our questions. It’s an encyclopaedic resource.

Many of us use a search engine for something every day. For me, it’s usually the weather forecast. (So useful.) Occasionally, it’s for a small medical symptom, to which the only conclusion is that I am going to need my leg amputated or will die. (Less useful.)

What I should have done is call someone who has spent seven years at medical school and now has the experience, qualifications, and the expertise to tell me that I am fine.

I wondered, and then googled, ‘What are the most common questions searched about Interior Design?’
Perhaps I could be the doctor and save someone else from an ill-fated decision about their home?

The questions (and their answers) were surprising.

*Disclaimer* I am fully aware that I am not the first person to question the accuracy or reliability of information found on the internet.

Top result: ‘Why is Interior Design important?’ This is interesting, people know what interior design is but not why it is of value. Ironically, this is almost answered by the second most searched question: ‘How interior design effects mental health.’

It is proven that our environment can influence our well-being. Surely that is important?

What about good interior design? What 'makes' good interior design? This is a better question. I will save my full answer for another day but the short answer, is seen in how a space works, functionally and aesthetically. Good design also creates a feeling, or many feelings; from safety to comfort, from calm to inspired. Good design makes the most of a space, good design makes you notice the important elements and not see the wires and pipes!

Most searched question number three, ‘Will interior design be in demand in the future?’

Scarily, this is a question people in most industries are asking. We all live in a little bit of fear here. Is AI leading humans to extinction?

Now there are some incredible AI design tools and these can be transformative and incredibly beneficial.

However, I fail to see how technology will be able cope with the uniqueness and complexities of interior design in terms of execution. Simply put, no two projects are ever the same, no two projects face the same challenges. However programmed in, I do not believe AI alone will be able to create and accomplish a renovation project without someone with intuition steering the ship. What does the computer say when you want to use bespoke cornices, as well as items that you have inherited in the new scheme? Is that allowed? What does the computer say when you uncover a manhole under the kitchen or when you find a pile a beautiful delft tiles behind the old fireplace? Does it ignore, does it destroy?!

This also leads onto googled question number four, ‘Which interior design style am I?’

What an insight - this is not about interior design, this screams how unself-aware the human race are that they do not know their own opinion. And I do not think this is something that can, or should, ever be answered by a flowchart.

I would urge the individuals looking for their answer to this to think about houses, rooms, places and spaces that they have been to or seen (internet and social media very helpful here). And think about which ones you are drawn to and why? Which do or could you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe in? Which inspire you? What inspires you? Which have what you need? Which are expressive of your personality and character? Which are reflective of where you are, physically and possibly financially. What is the structure of the building like? Please never ignore the architecture!

You cannot be an interior style anyway. Thankfully it is not that linear.

Google does not have the answer - only you do.

(Bundle this all this up for a good interior designer and they will certainly be able to help you along the way!)

Googled question number five was slightly more predictable, [who are the] ‘Best interior designers?’ Don’t we all want the ‘Best chocolate cake recipe’?

Of course we do, I have my favourites, but ultimately it’s subjective.

Unintentionally, this piece seems to have become more about psychology than interior design.
Maybe that is what interior design really is?

Beyond the five most asked questions, I am sure there are plenty of ‘What colour to paint my kitchen’ questions too. But what google does not know is which direction your room is facing and it will not consider the natural versus artificial light sources. Like the medical analogy, when you stop to think about it, you are never going to get a unique, personalised answer from cyberspace. As a resource for these matters it is not worth the authority you give it in asking the question.

No surprises that what we have found here is that you need to use your brain more and Google less. It is surprising though that the questions people want answering are actually much bigger than design, they are all about trusting in our own (human) intuition, creativity, and dare I say cognition.

So let google show you examples and inspire you through images of what humans have achieved before but when in design doubt, ask a human who knows.

Let me know what questions you google or what interior questions you would like answering!


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