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Creative truths that I live by...

A new year looms and for me, a new decade. Back in 2012 I was finishing a literature degree and writing fiction… so a few thoughts on now and creative truths I live by:

Houses tell stories and rooms are the characters - they have individual characteristics, they are layered, have subtle complexities that draw you closer and are never the same.

Some rooms don’t have any natural resounding architectural features, so put the foundations in. Illusions, if necessary. Cultivate drama and interest in focal points, such as a fireplace, bespoke joinery, statement wallpaper or art.
(Right: My favourite cloakroom of all time - it is everything on this list.)

Colour is always king and patterns should play merrily together.

Traditional patterns and palettes can be revived and refreshed with brighter and
more contemporary prints and accessories. Good quality is timeless.

There are five senses – textures are integral.

Proportions - fundamental.

Perfection includes irregularities. Offset structure and formality with rich comfort and cosiness.

There is always an adjacent view. (➡)

With enormous gratitude for every opportunity, client, friend, laugh, challenge, and lesson learnt,



We've been working on a project where several rooms are in the eaves. The most enchanting attic bedroom here featured in @fredericmagazine.

We've installed several bespoke vanity units recently - here's one of our favourites.

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