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Hello and Happy New Year! There's so much to look forward to in 2022...

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

It's a new year and along with all the other newness, I'd like to welcome you to the new website for the Harriet Sale Ltd interior design studio.

I'm so grateful that you've even found us and hope you will share in our passion for creating the most charming, characterful, luxurious, chic and comfortable interior designs. And luckily you've joined our online blogging journal right from the start!

Over the next few weeks, months and hopefully years, we'll be using this platform to share all our latest inspirations, ideas and finds! From the makers to the masters there are so many talented craftsmen and creatives in our industry and that deserve their stories to be told. Plus I wanted to share the monumental work of a number of creative charities that I have come across and learnt about, they all have such heartening ambitions, stories that humble us all and that would benefit enormously from our support in their courageous missions.

So you're in the perfect place to be inspired, I urge you to let your imagination be unleashed with the creativity of contemporary classic interior design that motivates me every day.

'Every house tells a story' is a common quote, but I truly believe that a house is not a home unless it tells its inhabitants' unique story. This is something that can not be created overnight, it is the layering of an eclectic mixture of fabrics, furniture, art and artefacts that each have their own stories to tell. Making this all work effortlessly together is the real skill. But this is what makes a house truly interesting.

I will document our studio activities from dawn til dusk and our project processes from concept to completion. Keep yourself in the know by signing up to our designer diaries to receive updates straight to your inbox and for more pictures and progress shots please follow us on instagram @harrietsale.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you will join us for the duration, I for one am incredibly excited for the opportunities and adventures in 2022!

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